The ClimateConscious Programme works to engage communities and build capacity by identifying and emphasising community perspectives, needs and strategies in the light of issues related to climate change adaptation.

The programme was initiated in 2009 and has been active in southern and eastern Africa over the past two years. From the Bennde Mutale Theatre Group in South Africa it has grown to engage communities in Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya. Climate Change experiences are presented through photostories and short films. Participatory theatre and educaitonal films are produced and these have been touring the different countries in the runup to COP17, where the outcomes of the ClimateConscious Programme were presented.



Africa is one of the most exposed continents where the impacts of climate change will be most visible and have widespread consequences for the livelihoods of rural communities.

To minimize community vulnerability the ClimateConscious programme aims to address and bridge the communication gap between the international and the local levels; to link climate change challenges to existing local issues such as land rights, environmental degradation and conflict; and to support knowledge networks across the continent.



The ClimateConscious Programme builds capacity in their local partner organisations through technical training in climate change, sustainable natural resource use and communication strategies.

By using the arts such as village photostories, local theatre performances and educational films, new approaches to adaptation activities and tools are facilitated to empower communities and enhance their adaptive capacities.

The programme is active across Africa, implementing community-based activities in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya. This has strengthened and extended regional exchange of experiences and lessons learnt through the support of existing networks and community-based organisations.



Some of the material outcomes are the village photostories from communities in Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya. These have been published online as “Visions of life with climate change”. The booklet includes information on the methodology and highlights how photostories can be used as tools for vulnerability assessments.

Three climate change communications interventions have been developed. The “Living Together” community theatre performance has been developed and is touring around Namibia. “The world has malaria” docu-drama film has been produced and is being screened around northern Tanzania. The “rat in the kitchen” performance has been developed in Kenya and is being used as a community outreach and training tool. These are being compiled on a DVD for distribution.

Local perspectives on climate change have been filmed and are being compiled as the ClimateConscious short documentaries for distribution on DVDs.

ClimateConscious aims to Africanise and localise the COP17.



The ClimateConscious Programme implemented projects in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya.

In each case the team partnered with a local organization, trained climate change, advised on project implementation and produced community-lead communication outcomes. These included community theater groups and participatory video porodctions.

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