Theatre for climate

It all began with the Bennde Mutale Theatre group.

Marginalised in the north-eastern corner of South Africa Bennde Mutale is already experiencing the impacts of climate change. The rainy seasons are less predictable, the 2009 drought was extremely severe, and increasingly the livelihoods of the community are affected. Cattle are dying, crops are failing and being on the edge of the Kruger National Park the community is stuck in their predicament. 

In 2009 four women and two men were selected from the community and the Bennde Mutale Theatre Group was established and trained by Chunki Piri. Since then their theatre performance has toured the neighbouring villages and has been incorporated into a nation-wide tour of South Africa that made it all the way to COP17 in Durban, December 2011. The energetic 45 minute performance aims to link climate change to the local situation. From climate science, to the climate change consequences, to adapation strategies, these are presented in a mix of five different languages.

The ClimateConscious Programme grew from the Bennde Mutale experience.

Climate Theatre

8:00 minutes, January 2010, South Africa

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