ClimateConscious Shorts

While working with different communities in eastern and southern Africa ResourceAfrica UK produced a number of short documentaries depicting the local perspective on climate change.

These short films are part of a wider initiative under the ClimateConscious Programme to raise awareness on the climate change challange.

Working with partner organisations ResourceAfrica UK aims to bring the local perspectives to national and international forums, as well as share international perpectives with local communities, thereby closing the knowledge gap.

Lake Liambezi in Transition

3:30 minutes

Lake Liambezi in Transition tells the story of environmental change in Caprivi. Although the land is receiving less and more unpredicatable rain the river systems are filliing up due to increased rainfall in Angola. This has resulted in Lake Liambezi filling for the first time in half a century. Fields are flooded and the grain storage is made redundant.

Terrat Conservation Easement

5:00 minutes

The Terrat Conservation Easement is one of the few win-win community schemes that result in the community benefiting from wildlife on their land and being more prepaired for the increased droughts in the region.

Colonial Dam

3:00 minutes

Colonial Dam shows how a Maasai community in Simanjiro, Tanzania, is reliant of the dam left behind from colonial times. Now climate change is affecting the life of this dam and the community fears it drying out.

Eastern Arc Mountains Refuge

5:30 minutes

The Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania are amongst the most forested and wildest parts of the country. Udzungwa National Park is the only park in these mountains. Increasingly the rest of Tanzania is experiencing the impacts of climate change, yet here there seems to be a refuge. 

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