About Community Photostories

Community photostories are participatory activities through which a community livelihood assessment can be performed. 

Photostories are platforms for community members to express their livelihood experiences as they wish and tell their story through pictures. Community members are trained in the use of digital cameras and given enough time to documenbt thier lives. On a second meeting the picture they have taken are discussed and communities' vulnerabilities, opportunities and strategies are identified.

Visions of Life with Climate Change compiles a number of photostories collected in Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya.

Under the ClimateConsious Programme the photostories were used to develop and implement climate change communication interventions aimed at raising awareness and advising climate change adaption strategies in communities across southern and eastern Africa.

The publication was launched in Durban at COP17, bringing community voices to an international audience.

Download publication (3,1 MB) or contact us for print version

Tips on Photostories

  • Ensure the community member feels ownership of the story
  • Participation should be voluntary and presented as an opportunity for communities to share their cultural knowledge, experiences and challenges
  • Be aware of gender and age representation when identifying participants
  • Leave enough time for the community members to document all aspects of their lives
  • Try not to narrow down the scope of the stories by asking community members to focus on one particular topic
  • Make sure that you are at least two people, one asking questions and the other recording the answers (written notes/sound recording)
  • Pictures can be discussed from the camera directly or once downloaded to a computer
  • Ask in depth follow-up questions on particularly engaging topics, highlighting the communities vulnerabilities, opportunities and livelihood strategies
  • A number of stories can sometimes be represented by one picture
    Make sure that the final photostories are taken back to the community

Download photostory posters

download all (3 MB)


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