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The world is gearing up for the international climate change negotiations, which take place in Durban, South Africa November 28 to December 9 this year. As decision makers from around the world sit together to talk about how to address climate change, it’s important to remind them that climate change is not something for the future. Climate change is here now, it’s impacting people’s day to day lives, and it’s effects over time, especially if not adequately addressed, will only worsen.

In Tanzania, climate change is very real, and serves to reinforce and influence the cycle of poverty if not properly identified and addressed. It is important that people from around the country tell their stories, and that their voices are heard and considered in national policy development and international negotiations.

On November 18th, ten citizens travelled to Dar es Salaam to testify in front of a panel of experts about the impacts climate change is having on their day to day lives. These are their stories…  

Climate Hearings II: Have you heard us?

10:00 minutes, November 2011

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