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The ClimateConsious Programme was inititiated under ResourceAfrica UK (RAUK). RAUK supported rural livelihoods and improved local governance based on sustainable use of natural resources in Africa for more than two decades. Most work supported Community-Based Natural Resource Management initiatives in southern Africa and was focused on establishing networks to advocate for strengthened local governance through decentralised land and natural resource tenure, the development of community capacity and institution building for natural resources management, and facilitating local level inputs into the policy making processes at national, regional and international fora.

In more recent years we realized that the challenges facing CBNRM and local communities have intensified, with climate change now being the principal threat to such models of sustainable natural resource use and livelihoods for rural communities. But it has also emphasised that the core issues with which CBNRM has been concerned for the last 25 years, such as appropriate land and resource tenure arrangements, diversification of rural livelihoods and enhanced local governance, will be the same issues that must be addressed if efforts to introduce effective adaptation mechanisms for climate change are to be successful.

RAUK piloted a community theatre initiative in the Limpopo province that since early 2009 has been supporting the development of village scenario planning by raising awareness of the impacts of climate change and facilitating discussions around local vulnerabilities. Products from these, including a DVD and village photo-stories, were disseminated at the UNFCCC meeting in Copenhagen in 2009.

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